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Buying Nursing Bras for the Fuller Bust

cake maternity

By Cake Maternity

Jul 29, 2020

We all know that during the early stages of pregnancy and immediately post birth our breasts regularly change in size. Some women will experience growth up to 3 cups sizes. This change is not always welcomed and can be difficult for fuller busted women.


It is imperative during this time that you look after your breasts to help insure good breast health.


What is the best time to buy a nursing bra?


It is important to invest in a good maternity or nursing bra early on. For some women it may only be a matter of a few weeks before her existing bras no longer fit.

tea nursing bra

Trimester 1

Invest in a good transition bra in the first trimester. Seamless bra’s are a popular choice and are designed for stretch and grow with your changing body. Available in easy sizing; XS-XXL, they will fit a number of cup sizes into each size, which makes this the perfect go to bra during this time of frequent change.


TIP: Not all seamless bras are created equal. Spend some time researching the market first before investing. A seamless bra should feel comfortable and lift and support your bust. The Sugar Candy seamless bra has been especially designed to nurture the fuller bust and has a unique construction only found in this bra. Paying a little extra for a quality bra is worth it, as other cheaper versions may not deliver what they are supposed to.


Trimester 2

Your breasts should have stabilised by this time.


It is our recommendation that you discontinue wearing your seamless bra during the day at this time, as it will not provide you with the same levels of support that a structured bra will. Invest in a good non-wire or flexible wire bra that is designed to fit a specific size.


Visit a bra-fitting specialist and get measured. Your bra size will be considerably different and getting some professional advice will help to ensure you walk away with a bra that will fit and support you well.


TIP: You might like to use your seamless bra as a sleep bra during this time. It will help to keep your bust in place and provide good levels of support while you sleep.


Where can I purchase a nursing bra for my fuller bust?


Searching for supportive, comfortable and feminine maternity and nursing bras and underwear is not always easy and can be a frustrating experience to say the least.


While Bra shopping in Department stores can often be the preferred choice for many women, they sometimes lack the expertise, size range and provision of a personalised service. This can contribute to a frustrating experience and one that leaves many women without a correctly fitted nursing bra.


It is our advice that you visit a specialist fuller bust bra boutique. These boutiques specialise in fitting fuller bust women and will have a wide range of supportive product that will serve you well. The women that work in these stores have many years experience and are extremely knowledgeable in relation to bra fitting & different types/ shapes of women’s bodies. They understand shape, structure and the lifestyle requirements of a fuller busted woman.


You may buy a bra in store and then repurchase online for your conveyance once you are formula with your size and requirements. Check out this handy checklist and tips on how to buy maternity and nursing bras online.

nursing bras for big breasts

What to look for in a maternity/nursing bra for the fuller bust


There are actually a lot of options out there for fuller busted women if you search in the correct place. Brands such as Cake Lingerie have over the years expanded their offerings in the fuller bust area and now stock many styles up to a 42M(US).


  • Key features to consider when making your purchase:
  • Strong supportive fabrics that mould to your figure
  • Strong padded straps that are easily adjustable
  • Durable fabrics
  • Drop down cups for feeding
  • Higher centre front for more coverage
  • Flexible wire for added support
  • Wide supportive back band for support
  • 6 hooks and eyes for expansion
  • A frame sling for discretion
  • Cotton lined cups to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Nil padding as it will add more bulk to your already fuller bust


Best nursing bras for the large bust

sugar candy fuller seamless nursing braSugar Candy seamless nursing bra

Sugar Candy nursing bra is the ideal transition bra for the fuller bust. Its unique construction has been especially designed to support and provide comfort during what can be a difficult time for some.


Sugar Candy bra is available in easy sizing XS-XXL, in a wide colour range to fit from a G cup to a HH (US sizing) cup.
Check out the sizing chart for more information.

croissant nursing braCroissant nursing T-shirt bra

Croissant maternity and nursing bra is a flexible wired bra made from a spacer fabric. The spacer fabric is a new technology in fabric that gives the wearer a smooth profile from under clothing without the bulkiness of a pad.


Croissant is the perfect T-shirt bra for pregnant and nursing women and is available in a full size range from 32C-42K (US sizing).

zest nursing sports braZest nursing sports bra

Zest maternity and nursing sports bra is a specially designed sports bra designed to support up to the fuller bust. Zest is suitable for Medium to High Impact exercise and has drop down cups for feeding.


Made from a strong supportive spacer fabric, the Zest bra will mould to your body shape providing a snug secure fit.
Zest is available in sizes 32B-42K (US sizing).

nursing bras for the fuller bust

The right fit


Whether you are fuller busted or smaller busted the same rules apply when fitting a bra.


  • Ensure your breasts are fuller encased in the bra cups.
  • There should be no breast tissue spilling out the top or sides of the cups.
  • When you lean forward your bust should not fall out of the cups.
  • The under band should fit snug and firm. When you lift your arms up the under band should not move.
  • The under band should not cut into your skin and should feel comfortable at all times.
  • The straps should feel comfortable and should not be holding all your breast weight. They should not be digging into your shoulders.
  • The back band should sit horizontally across your back and should not dig in.
  • If purchasing a maternity bra in the second trimester, the back band should be fitted to the tightest hook. This will allow room for expansion as your rib cage continues to grow.
  • If you are purchasing a nursing bra in the 9th month of pregnancy, ensure the back band is done up on the loosest hook. This way you can tighten the back band as you rib cage begins to contract post birth.
  • Finally the bra should feel comfortable. Your breasts should be sitting perky and the bra should feel secure and snug.

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