Warm & Cool Relief Inserts

by Bare Mum
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Warm & Cool Relief Inserts

by Bare Mum

Aid your postpartum recovery with soothing heat and/or cooling relief to sensitive areas. Pair with the Bare Mum Postpartum Briefs.

GBP £14.90
Suitable for

HEAT THERAPY To increase blood flow and soften the perineum during labour, reducing the risk of perineal tear during childbirth.

For relief from aches, pain, and cramps after birth.

COLD THERAPY For relief from irritation and inflammation after birth.

Can be reused indefinitely to assist with pelvic pain, swelling, haemorrhoids, vulvar varicosities, prolapse, and PMS.


- Reusable and hand washable - good for you and the planet.

- Filled with Australian Botanicals, with a mild lavender scent. 

- A curved design and soft material for sensitive areas.

- Pliable even when frozen, to contour to your body comfortably.

- Contains naturally derived, non toxic gel and real botanicals.

- Safe - TGA Certified.

- OB-GYN & Midwife Approved.

- Designed in Australia.


TO HEAT Microwave for 10 seconds or submerge in hot water. If needed, reheat in additional 5-second increments until desired temperature is achieved.

TO COOL Freeze for 1 hour or submerge in icy water.

Always test temperature before application. Do not use directly on the skin. Do not use for longer periods than 20 minutes at a time. Wait until the skin returns to normal temperature before reapplying.


Warm & Cool Inserts are made of naturally derived non-toxic gel: Water, Glycerol, Cellulose Gum, Potassium Sorbate. 100% free of BPA and Phthalates.


Revolutionary postpartum care designed to support your birth recovery and breastfeeding journey, step by step.


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