Under 12 Weeks Pregnant

first trimester bras

Many women experience a sudden increase in breast size during the first trimester, which can feel uncomfortable. We recommend non-restrictive, seamless & wire-free first trimester bras that offer comfort and are designed to move and grow with you from bump to breast & beyond.

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Under 12 Weeks Pregnant

Trimester one is a roller coaster of emotions—mostly due to hormones. While every pregnancy is unique, whether it's been characterised by nausea, weird food cravings or an unbelievable need to pee 24/7, the one thing all pregnant women have in common is breast changes. While it might not seem like the ideal time to think about investing in maternity & nursing bras, your breasts will thank you if you do. During this stage, your breasts are likely to feel heavier, fuller and often tender too which means comfort at this stage is incredibly important. At Cake, our first trimester bras are designed with additional hook & eyes and top-cup stretch to accomodate growth from breast to bump & beyond. We recommend looking for quality, wireless and seamless styles to keep you supported and comfy during this transitional phase.

We have a wide variety of first trimester bras across a range of sizes, colours and styles. From our signature matching sets to our seamless, contour, spacer, wire, non-wire, fuller, plunge, balcony, fuller coverage, bralette, sports, sleep and everyday bras, we’ve got your every need covered.