When to buy nursing bras? This is a question we are often asked and the answer is surprisingly simple.


Just prior to birth, your body will ready itself to produce milk. At approx. 8 months of pregnancy your breasts will have stabilized enough to get fitted for a nursing bras. This will most likely be your standard nursing size during the period you nurse or express milk. We recommend you purchase no less than 3 seamless nursing bras and a couple of cupped sized nursing bras.


Immediately post birth


It is important to know that immediately post birth there will be some engorgement, as the breast learns to regulate its milk supply.


We do not recommend wearing a cupped size bra at this time, as the breast could feel compressed and restricted. Squashing your breasts into a bra that is too small could to cause conditions such as mastitis or some discomfort and pain.

Medieval Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra

We recommend you wear only your seamless nursing bras for the first 4 weeks post birth. These are designed to stretch and grow with your changing body shape, providing support without restriction.


4-8 weeks post birth


From 4-8 weeks post birth, you breasts will return to the size they were at 8 months of pregnancy. This generally happens as the body has learnt just how much milk is required to feed your baby and it no longer produces excess. For nursing, it’s best to be fitted for your nursing bra after 4 weeks of feeding.

Banana Parfait Nursing Bra - Cutout Front Image

Once the breasts have stabilized it is safe to wear a cupped sized bra, this may include a flexible wire option.


A flexi-wire nursing bra will give you added support and a flattering shape. The flexible nature of the wire is designed to move with your body and is much more comfortable than a rigid wire found in mainstream bras.

Rose Mousse Nursing Bra

Another popular choice is a contour nursing bra. These are a wonderful solution for women who like to wear T-shirts or prefer a smooth profile from underneath clothing.


Contour cupped bras can be made from foam or a spacer fabric.


The foam contour bra is made from a much thicker pad and has been traditionally been used in contour bras.

Buttermilk Waffles Nursing Bra

Spacer nursing bra is a relatively new technology in fabric. A spacer fabric is much thinner and will mould to your body shape once warm, providing for a contoured profile without the bulkiness of foam. The spacer fabric is also incredibly strong and supportive providing a superior fit.


A good fitting bra


It is important to understand and listen to your body. A bra should never feel restrictive, uncomfortable, dig in or feel too loose or too tight.


Should you be experiencing any of the above symptoms it is advisable to go and visit a bra-fitting specialist in your area.


Wearing a well-fitted supportive nursing bra is like having a best friend. You wont know what you did with out it!



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