Contour Bras still remain the the No 1 selling and most popular bra in the world. The very nature of maternity and nursing contour bra makes it shapely, smooth and is designed to mimic the ideal rounded, uplifted shape that women love under their t-shirts. The cups are essentially made up from a unified piece of foam that heat and pressure moulded to provide shape, depth and coverage.
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Features & Benefits

Contour bras can come in various shapes and styles: plunge, balcony, pushup, half cup and demi-cup. The foam or fibrefill lining is essentially cut and then heat moulded for a period of time to create a new form and structure. This foam is then stitched into the frame of the bra to provide an even pre-formed look. This is ideal for women with slightly different bust sizes too, which is common. The pre-shaped cups essentially mask the shape and provide for the perfect silhouette under t-shirts, low cut dresses and tops.

Caring for your Contour Bra is essential

Folding them into one another or having them crushed in a draw can lead to them forming creases, which will affect their shape. Hand washing or washing them in a laundry bag will help prolong their life and help them keep their shape.

Maternity & Nursing Contour Bras are extremely popular too, especially as women who are nursing will find one side smaller or bigger that the other depending on the feeding pattern of baby. Also, women with more than 1 child or with age might find the elasticity of the breast to be loosened over time. A contour bra will help mask the same and provide for a great shape and support.