CupCake Nursing Pads and liners have been lovingly designed to give mothers a top quality, comfortable and reusable nursing pad.

We're not just thinking of the mothers though. By minimising the waste, dumping and pollutants that can be found in the manufacturing process, we aim to provide a brighter, more sustainable future for your babies also.

A   S U S T A I N A B L E   F U T U R E

As we become increasingly aware of the impact our society is having on the environment, we are demanding more environmental accountability from our everyday products.

CupCake washable nursing pads and their packaging are 100% biodegradable. The organic cotton and hemp are farmed in sustainable farming conditions and are not dyed or bleached, meaning minimal impact on our planet.

W H Y   O R G A N I C   C O T T O N   &   H E M P ?
CupCake nursing pads are made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is a soft natural fibre that allows the skin to breath, which means that you stay cooler and more comfortable.
H O W   D O   T H E Y   W O R K ?
Simply purchase either the 2 pair or 3 pair pack of CupCake nursing pads. The pocketed nursing pads will act as a light flow protector pad.
Should you need more absorbency simply purchase the CupCake liners and insert either 1 liner for medium flow protection or 2 liners for heavy flow & all night protection. CupCake nursing pads unique liner system be customised for your personal needs.
W A S H I N G   Y O U R   C U P C A K E   P A D S
Remove any liners from inside the nursing pads and place in a cold machine wash. Once washed press back into shape and lay flat to dry.