The need to feel beautiful could be more evident when you are pregnant and breastfeeding. Natural changes to our bodies and the consequences of healthy weight gain, will make some women yearn to feel feminine again! At Cake we've designed a range of Lace Nursing bras, that will not only make you feel womanly again, but pretty, confident and happy. Enjoy a night out with hubby or the girlfriends.
Elegant lace overlays, pretty printed inner linings, floral accents, coloured accessories, are creatively put together to provide the perfect combination of beauty and function. Our lace nursing bras can also be worn under your basic t-shirt bra that fits to your natural shape, while the lace is flat, which will not show through your t-shirts. Intended for breastfeeding ease, our lace nursing bras have easy one hand nursing clasps, inner cotton slings, and drop-down cups that simply fold and stay in place as they support your breasts while you nurse.