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The benefits of prenatal yoga

Lotus Yoga and Pumping Bra

Prenatal yoga is carefully considered movemen or exercise for pregnant women. Its aim is to help prepare a woman’s body for labor both mentally and physically.



How will a prenatal yoga class benefit me?


Prenatal classes will focus on the following:



Breathing is something we all take for granted.  It is not often that we take the time to listen to our breath and slow it down.  Deep slow concentrated breaths will help to reduce stress and anxiety, help with relaxation and is a great technique suitable for labor.


Improved sleep

The body will feel stronger and calmer as a result.  Yoga will help aid and encourage a good night sleep.


Increased strength, flexibility and endurance

The exercises taught in a prenatal class are designed specifically for a pregnant body.  The exercises will target areas such as your back and hips and will help to alleviate any pain by strengthening the muscles.   Targeted exercises will also help to strengthen areas like your pelvic floor that will aid in labor.


Reduces fluid retention

Exercise such as gentle strengthening will help to alleviate and reduce your risks of fluid retention, as stretching helps to stimulate the muscles and encourage better blood flow.



Can anyone join a prenatal class?


It is our recommendation that you always check with your health care provider first before participating in any new forms of exercise. Assuming you have the go ahead from your doctor, be realistic and avoid any postures that cause any pain or discomfort. Pace yourself and don’t over do it. Last but not least, stay hydrated and cool to avoid any dizziness or nausea.



What should I wear to a prenatal yoga class?



Wear comfortable stretchy clothing that will keep your body cool and supported.

Most active wear brands now dabble in maternity active wear so it should not be difficult to find clothing that suits your needs.


Yoga Bras

Wear a supportive bra designed for low impact exercise. A yoga bra should be supportive with a good amount of stretch for ease of movement. It should be non-wired to help avoid any discomfort or restriction.


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